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Guidelines for Preparing Files to be sent to our Art Department

Where do you send artwork?

Artwork can be emailed to our art department

How is final art created?

Camera ready art for print production, silkscreening, pad printing, embroidery and web applications is produced on an IBM compatible computer.

What is camera-ready art?

Basically this means the file or piece of paper (hard copy) containing the artwork is ready to make a plate or negative from. To be considered camera ready, art must be supplied electronically in proper artwork format or as black ink on white paper. It must be CRISP output produced from a quality laser printer or by linotronic output.

If the finished product is being printed with more than one color, the colors must be separated, complete with registration marks.

When is art NOT camera ready?
  • Output from photocopiers, bubblejet, inkjet, or dot matrix printers.
  • Any output using colored ink or colored paper.
  • Anything that has been duplicated, including printed copies of letterhead, business cards, etc.
  • Screens or screened images with dot patterns that are too fine to reproduce.
  • Images with the edges of type or graphics which are jagged or rough.
Software used by our art department:
  • Corel Draw 14.0
  • Adobe Pagemaker 7.0
  • Adobe Illustrator 7.0
  • Adobe Photoshop 7.0

If supplied in the appropriate format, your existing artwork can be used to produce the final product, or can assist in recreating camera ready art.

Why Can’t You Just Use my Artwork?

We often need to “rework” your existing artwork so that it will reproduce well – we want the imprint on the products you order to look good.

Images created for internet use are quite low resolution, and are NOT camera-ready when you email them to us. Your supplied files produced in programs which do not offer export capabilities to enable embedding fonts, or production of a .pdf file will likely not open in our professional graphic programs.

What file formats for graphics are acceptable?
(corel draw X4)
Ensure that all text has been converted to curves and all outlines have been converted to objects.
(encapsulated postscript)
export with image header in .wmf or .tif format, and text as curves.
(adobe illustrator)
files are acceptable if they are saved as an IBM file. All text must be converted to curves or outlines.
(windows metafile)
text must be exported as curves.
What file formats will assist us in recreating artwork?
IBM order
300 dpi or greater at 300%
.jpeg and .gif
for internet use
files produced for internet use will require substantial clean-up before they are camera ready
microsoft word
can be used to import text or a low resolution image into a graphics program/td>

Email or call us at 905-424-4091 for clarification